room to heal

Well said

a diary of a mom

I was asked to write something for the I Am Not Kelli Stapleton flash blog. The purpose of the flash blog is to stand together in support of the premise that disabled lives matter.

And so I wrote.

I cried as I typed.

I hated what I’d written.

I began again.

And then yet again still.

Until, one word at a time, I deleted it all.

Because it simply didn’t feel right.

Finally, after days of typing and deleting, I’ve decided that this is what, and all, I want to say.

I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I just don’t. It hurts too much.

It hurts me, it hurts you, it hurts our community and most of all, it hurts the beautiful girl in the center of it all, Issy.

Issy deserves to be able to move on in as much peace as one can after such horror.


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