The Body and Brain Disconnect

Ive seen Emma and Ido’s take on this but here are some new ones 🙂


I am part of a wonderful community of parents and practitioners of RPM. We chat, compare notes, commiserate, laugh, motivate, and learn from each other. Most of us have never met face to face (yet!). We have come together via the internet to blog, Facebook (is this now a verb?), skype, and email not only to learn but to share the words of individuals using RPM and encourage others to try this empowering method of education and communication. One of my favorite blogging duos is Lisa Reyes and her son, Philip, who write Faith, Hope and Love…With Autism. It has been a pleasure to get to know Lisa through her blog and our correspondence. Lisa is a great example of a parent who has worked patiently and persistently to support her son’s journey in RPM while guiding other parents! I could fill pages with the names, stories and leadership of…

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