redrawing the map

We are constantly redrawing our map as there are new places to see and new pitfalls to avoid. Why redraw the map constantly? Think of it this way…if you were to embark on a new journey do you think it would be wiser to consult a map made by people hundreds or thousands of miles away, by looking at satellite photos years ago?…or do you think it would be more helpful to get your information from the locals…those who travel the roads every day their entire lives, who know that certain roads are impassable during a storm, or a tree has fallen in the way on another…the people who know every twist and turn because it affects them on a daily basis? Autistic people know this journey, other parents, drs, and therapists only know what they observe from the outside…and just as one guide could not possibly know an entire journey across the country, if you put enough together, each helping navigate their own piece of the journey, you can go a long way!

a diary of a mom

Editor’s note: Many of my autistic friends, especially women, were diagnosed as adults. There are myriad reasons for that, but they belong to another post. Nearly all of them were diagnosed with a patchwork of other conditions throughout childhood and into adulthood, none of which ever felt – or was – right. When the autism diagnosis came, it was, for many of them, revelatory. It was not, however, always so for their parents. This is for them. 

Oh, my Mama friend, I know.

Even though our experiences were different, I still know.

I know it’s hard to be hit with news that throws your world into a confusing, unsettling imbalance.

I know that it makes no sense at first, even while making all the sense in the world. I know that it’s far, far easier to imagine that life is still as you always thought it was than to…

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