On Functioning Labels

This is a VERY important thing people need to know! My children wear the autism label, but the function labels are utterly useless…for one thing, functional in comparison to what? And second, if I were to find that standard and try to assess functioning, I would have to assess each task/function area separately, and probably reassess each 100x a day. I think she paints a very clear example of this.


I had a post go wild on Tumblr, so I figured I’d cross-post it here since people seem to like it there. Because the point is important and apparently people think I made it clearly. But please do go read Alyssa’s post first since I think she did a better job than me.

Alyssa of Yes, That Too has already done this but I want to just to add an extra narrative backing up her point about Hillary and Rose.

Here’s a tale of two women:

Claire is in her mid-20s and has only lived on her own for eight months of her life, during which time she nearly set fire to her apartment on three different occasions. She has times where she is unable to speak, and even when speaking, she is unable to reliably modulate volume, tone and language to her audience. When stressed, she often resorts…

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