Aware? Yup…educated? Not hardly

Most of my readers are fellow autism parents…but some aren’t and some just might click from the auto fb and twitter posts. So…for those of you it isn’t your life, and even autism parents try to think back…

Have you heard of autism? Are you “aware” it exists? I think a large majority of people would answer yes. So basically people are “aware” of autism.

What comes to mind when you contemplate the word autism? Screaming, empty shell, pain, grief, “locked away”, incapable of feeling empathy, or showing love? Marriages and lives ruined? Rain Man?

Or do you think of husbands, wives, college professors, college students, parents, authors, artists, actors and actresses, public speakers, and just everyday people? Autistics exist in these and pretty much every category out there. They are living, accomplishing, breaking down the walls built against them…pebble by pebble at times. Capable of anything when given support and TIME.

I have a new favorite quote from Emma at Emma’s Hope Book “Autism is not what parents want to hear, but I hope that will change as more people get to know someone like me.” I got to know Emma first through her moms writing, and then, recently through her own. And lemme tell ya, it’s very hard for her to write, to communicate her thoughts…but when she does they pack a punch. There is a great list of blogs over there too (i have yet to figure out the art of the blog roll) by speaking, nonspeaking, aspie, and every autistic in between.

I’ll end this post with E’s autism acceptance shirt…created by Jess at A Diary of a Mom and tweaked a bit by yours truly…we are aware but far from educated.



One thought on “Aware? Yup…educated? Not hardly

  1. Rain Man – yes that was my understanding of autism, until five years ago, when at the age of 60 I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. I have learnt a lot since then. I have also had to unlearn a lot of preconceived ableism notions.

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