My Worst Fear

It’s happening…S is close to breaking under the pressure of autism + genius + misunderstanding. For years i was the one saying it wasnt autism, for years he was the one fighting for dx…but now? It’s like wheres the magic pill, you dont DO enough, you’re NOT enough, you’re not living up to potential. I really wish id found the aspie and adult autistic community sooner, not given custody, pretty much not done anything i have under the guise of “whats best”. I know how it feels…and it sucks…and makes you feel worthless…i dont want that for my baby 😦 end rant


3 thoughts on “My Worst Fear

  1. I’m so sorry. I’m a kid of divorce… is he old enough to chose where to live? It’s not a magic pill, but… I don’t know the whole story and I wish I could help. I hope I’m not making it worse – (hugs)

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