Anyone Want to Solve the School Problem?

Ok so yesterday was a rather odd group of coincidences and I found my mind reeling, and a question i have been asking myself in the back of my mind came front and center. First i read this and I started thinking, and that thinking grew as I commented. Then mind still boggled I went in and mom had this open right at the point he talks about understanding a complex theory in a textbook at 3. THEN…she asks me to watch this and tell her what I thought. All of this together led to a train of thought I cant seem to derail.

I was homeschooled for a few years as a kid…it was a complete disaster for me (and for my mom when it came to me…my brothers fared MUCH better). Way back when, homeschooling was mostly either done by hippies or ultra conservative families. Lately, because of the ridiculousness of common core and school policies, and the high rate of bullying…there has been a shift. There is now not just homeschooling ( the word still used by the aforementioned groups) but hackschooling, unschooling, online school, and quite a few other names/options. For a long time, it wasn’t even an option to seriously think of, as E was at his dads a few days during the week. But now, we’re down to a weekend only schedule so hmmmm.

My problem is this…which is the greater/less of the two. By that I mean…do I send him to school, where it is likely he will be bullied, underestimated, and taught in ways that maybe he cannot learn, all the while fighting for services and accommodations he needs? I mean, school for S has been a nightmare…at least from my perspective…and I know of other autistics who literally have PTSD from school. Other autistics (especially nonspeaking) talk about being stuck in classrooms learning elementary or even preschool level concepts for years because they cannot express their intelligence in the “correct” ways. On the other hand, do I keep him home, allowing him to learn based on interests, at grade level, in whatever way suits him. Knowing that I know at least partially how intelligent he really is, but also knowing how terribly unorganized and non-self-disciplined I am and that I’m not the greatest of teachers? And also knowing that most likely his dad will consider me nuts, and not knowing what he might choose to do about that (even legal action). Homeschooling laws are fairly easy in our state, so that’s not much of an issue.

Any thoughts?.


2 thoughts on “Anyone Want to Solve the School Problem?

  1. You are obviously dealing with a complex situation, but it seems to me that, from what you wrote, you believe that homeschooling (or whatever equivalent) is what would be best for your child.
    I don’t know how your child best learns but would just like to point out that with a truly enormous range of online learning available there should be something suitable for their style and that also takes the pressure off you from having to teach too much or be über-organized.
    Of course there are special needs kids (of any sort) who make it through the school system, but I think that, if we can, we have an obligation to not just do the minimum for our children, but rather the best we can.
    For us at least, homeschooling is proving to be the best option for our child.
    I hope that you are able to find a solution that works for all of you 🙂

    • Thanks for your input David…I didnt get a notification of the comment. I have over a yr to figure it out, but in the grand scheme of things thats not a lot of time. I agree as parents we are charged to do the best not just the minimum. Lots to think about…

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