What Is Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone!  The following is my submission to todays Love Not Fear Flashblog…I encourage you to go check out all the awesomeness going on there today!

What is love?

Love is…laying open your heart, mind, flaws, idiosyncrasies…knowing they could be used against you.

Love is…answering a question for the thousandth time, searching for the right words to finally make the point understood.

Love is…voluntarily spending time under the microscope of which you’ve lived your entire life in the crosshairs.

Love is…doing all this for someone you have never, and may never meet, so that….just maybe…they will never know the life you did.


As the parent of two autistic children, I can never thank the autistic community enough for reaching out, for being patient with us, for risking themselves to try and make a better life for the next generation.

YOU ARE BEING HEARD…it may sometimes not feel that way, but two boys lives are better because of you. When it seems no one is listening know that you DO make a difference…and I hope that knowledge makes all the rest worthwhile.


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