Scenes from Silent Monday (I)

Now this blog post is giving me something to think about…and I was just considering the fact that she chooses to be silent on a certain day and had contemplated how it might feel to be and someone on a different part of the spectrum who cannot speak. Being a mother of a child who cannot speak, it makes me think maybe this is an exercise I need to try. Now, I hardly ever leave the house but say that I do…my line of thinking is more to take this and go different direction with it and see what it might be like for him to have to use a communication device all day. His speech therapist and parents and everybody you know we want him to suddenly be able to speak in full sentences we know that he’s capable of but we dont know what its like to have to sit there and pick and choose every single word or just type out one letter a time everything in your mind. You know I don’t know how I would accomplish this I’m sure there are some rudimentary programs for my phone or, being horrible person I am I still haven’t returned the loaner device so maybe before I do so I should spend a couple hours or couple days just having it be my only form of communication so I can step in his shoes just a little. I know just trying to show him where things are on his screen how difficult it is for me is an adult so why do I expect so much more from a four-year-old child. I don’t know just food for thought I guess, and I guess should I decide if this is something I want to do then I will let you know how it goes.

On this Third day of 2014 I have sorely ignored my blog for the most part and usually when I have time to think, and have an idea then I don’t have anything near me to actually record that idea on. Also, when I sit down to write then everything disappears out of my head. But there’s so many things that my kids do everyday, and then I learn things every day that I like to record for posterity sake I guess, and share with all of two followers that I have…so I’m going to try to step it up with the blog and get some stuff done.

Musings of an Aspie

Happy 2014! I hope you’re all staying warm. This is the first in an occasional series of reflection posts about Silent Monday. 

Intentional silence–silence by choice on Mondays–is forcing me to think hard about involuntary silence. It’s also raised the question of when do I need to speak and why?

Passing someone on the street? That seems like an obvious don’t need to speak situation. A nod, smile, wave or some other gesture passes for acknowledgement of the other person’s greeting or existence.

Impromptu question from a stranger at the gym? Might be able to take care of that with a nod or gesture. Might have to speak.

Picking up a package at the apartment office? One (but not both) of us will have to speak. The Scientist and I divide up the responsibility, taking turns doing the necessary interacting with strangers.

Replying to a stranger who stops me…

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