A Wealth of Information at our Fingertips

Bah…I have been so off my game in everything lately not really been working, not been blogging, not had much to say to anyone…someone give me a kick in the pants!

But I digress…ran across this blog post the other day and almost said Yahtzee! (yes I’m a dork lol) it was almost a perfect description of my 3 yr old! We’ve noticed for a while that he doesn’t seem to feel pain much, or sickness…sometimes he’ll be a little “off’ but he’s usually extremely ill or hurting before he slows down or shows (or we accidentally discover he has a fever)…I’ve seen this kid puke for a week, get a little slowed down about 30 sec before, do it and jump back up and play…seen him have a 104 deg fever and want to go outside and play full force…you get the idea.  

Anyway, posts like this are why I LOVE…LOVE…LOOOOOVE reading what autistic ppl have to say and make me profoundly grateful that they brave the enraged parents who follow the status quo, and make themselves so vulnerable, that they have the courage to speak out so that those of us who DO get it (or at least want to) have such amazing materials to help give just a tiny glimpse of what the world might be like for our children.  Not only does that blog post explain what might be going on, it also explains practical things learned to help manage it.  My child is only 3 1/2 right now, but someday he will be an adult who may need these ideas, and I am so very thankful (did I say that already? lol)for all the bloggers out there…words can’t express how thankful…for sharing your lives, your struggles, your neurologies, and your tips and ideas with me and anyone else who will listen.  

To any of you who might accidentally read this (my reach is small) Some of us ARE listening, and trying to convince others to listen…just so you know 🙂  I’m still learning and failing and learning some more every day from y’all but I honestly believe I’m a much better parent to my 2 sons because of the courage of Autistic people!


One thought on “A Wealth of Information at our Fingertips

  1. I agree. What would our knowledge base be like without people like Temple Grandin??? There’s so many people on the spectrum who’ve written beautiful books and then there’s the amazing army of bloggers. I’ve read many blogs tonight that are authored by people on the spectrum and I adore it.

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