Climbing out of the funk….

As you could probably tell by my last blog I was in a bit of a funk and feeling alone. I have kind of been on auto- pilot ever since but trying to get back on track! Everything depends on it…my income does, my kids do, my plan to help my oldest son over the summer does…

So…thought I’d share Sean’s crowning achievement from one of the last times he was here. It’s a “keyblade” off of the game Kingdom Hearts…that he made out of K’nex using only one photo he found online. This picture reminds me that despite the homework battles, and meltdowns, and other challenges of having an Aspie+teenage boy all in 1…that I should not forget that along with that comes so many AMAZING things! I couldn’t even make this if I had step by step instructions…and even if I had the architectural mind to do so I’d definitely lack the patience! I want to spend the summer working with him on weaknesses, celebrating strengths, and developing coping strategies so he can be the best Sean possible! Any suggestions welcome!


2 thoughts on “Climbing out of the funk….

    • I actually have a while back…I learned early w E the idea of presuming competence..but a lot of things ive seen lately have caused me to question even that because I think I’ve made the mistake of presuming he has the competence of a “normal” 3 yr old when some signs have pointed to him being much more intelligent than I’ve learned no matter how crazy something may seem to just assume he did it on purpose 🙂 I’d rather give him the benefit of the doubt and be wrong than hold him back.

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