I Want to Take Their Children and RUN!

Another repost…

On one of the autism pages I follow on FB posted a cry for help responding  to comments on an article about autism and the misinformation in the comments…I didnt even read the article and went straight to the comments.  I didnt end up commenting myself bc the self advocates and some of the parents were doing a great job and there was really not anything further to add they said it all.  But I ended up just having to close the page because I was so angry. 

Parents of autistic children were saying HORRIBLE things about their children…i just wanted to go find those children and take them and run! Apparently parents of autistic children that are ok, or even feel blessed by their children are ‘drinking the kool aid” and delusional and all sorts of other things!  REALLY ok so youre unhappy…I get it…but why attack those who arent? Are you really that bitter? One person said what I was thinking and basically suggested if they were that unhappy they should place their child for adoption so someone could love and appreciate them for who they are! 

I had those moments as a parent at first where I cried and was disappointed and didnt understand why me? why did I have not 1 but TWO “broken” children.  But after a few days I picked myself off, dropped the pity party and started doing everything in my power to help them! I started following autistic adults because their insights helped me better understand WHY my children acted how they did.  I found some other blogs which were GREAT! Its just sad to me that those children have to live with the constant reminder that basically their parents hate them!  What kind of monster could put a child through that?

Ok rant over!  Thanks to my It Works business giving me the opportunity to stay home full time, and a new (to me) laptop I hope to actually start blogging more often.  So here’s to post #1 of many


3 thoughts on “I Want to Take Their Children and RUN!

    • I dont think they really realize thats what they’re doing at times…but so focused on self and how hard autism can be for THEM that they forget their children might know and understand and pick up on their disapproval

  1. That is incredibly sad. I don’t know what article you are referring to, but I feel so sorry for those children whose parents resent them because of their condition. First of all, I think a lot of people have unrealistic expectations about parenthood in general. Many have the mentality that having children is a way to fulfill their wants and needs. Their attitude centers on how having children can improve their lives, and these people rarely consider the impact on their children and how such an attitude can directly affect them, the children. They have an image inside their heads of what children should be like, and whenever children stray from this ideal, the parents are filled with disappointment. Basically these types of people want all the perks of parenthood but not the actual responsibilities that come with it. That really irks me. Anyone who is considering having children should realize that parenthood in general, even with NT kids, comes with great responsibility. Not everything is going to turn out like they had envisioned. Kids might not act the way they want them to or have the interests and talents they wish they had.

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