Why I’m a WAHM (aka what I want to teach my children)

This is a repost from my business FB page about WHY I am a WAHM.  I have been in It Works for about a year and a half now and did little with it until recently…thus the first few lines of the post…

I’m sure people wonder WHY have I stuck with It Works for so long when I seemed to be failing at it for a long time, and WHY I joined in the first place since I’m somewhat shy and not a very good salesperson. HERE’S WHY…See those two faces below? I’m about to get REAL with ya’ll especially those who don’t already know me well.

Those two beautiful faces are the faces of Autism…two totally different types but Autistic nonetheless. I myself have struggled with moderate to severe depression for as long as I can remember…it has made it almost impossible to keep a traditional job for more than a few mos at a time. I joined It Works because for the first time I saw an opportunity to be successful…work on my good days and kinda muddle through the bad ones. How far I could go only depended on me…not on my attendence records or job history. It has been a longer road for me than a lot of people in my company just because I DO have a lot more obstacles than some…but that is my WHY for doing it. We say on our team “If your WHY doesnt make you cry its not big enough” It has taken me quite a while and some soul searching to figure out just what that big WHY was…it was there but it wasn’t concrete…I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Those two boys are my reason to keep going…to start over and pick myself up as many times as needed, to NOT GIVE UP! I’ve noticed my 14 yr old tries to use his disability as an excuse a lot…I would tell him NO that just means you have to work that much HARDER but I wasn’t exactly setting an example of that. I want my boys to be proud of me and to be able to provide for them and give them the things they need (and want), but MORE THAN THAT…I want to show them that no matter what obstacles you face, no matter what people say or think about you, no matter if you cant do things that “normal” people can, that if you work hard and follow your dreams you can do ANYTHING…AND BE SUCCESSFUL!!! …who the heck wants to be normal anyway???? Normal is going to work every day for 30 years and not having much to show for it, normal is having a boss that tells you what to do, playing the corporate games…It Works is my ticket out of normal and into the world where the impossible becomes possible! Where a young family on public assistance can be making 5 figures a MONTH within two years, where 30 yr olds can retire FOR LIFE, where a single mom can more than support her children and spend all the time she wants with them! THAT’S my WHY and what I want my kids to learn from me!



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