New Day New Blog Host

I’ve been blogging on Tumblr off and on for a bit but just found myself not in love with the reblogging to comment format…so here I am.  If you want to check out previous posts there you can here.  That being said, now that I work from home full time I find myself with more time to explore my thoughts about my life and the lives of my boys and contemplate our futures…I have been inspired by several parent and adult autistic bloggers to be yet another voice speaking out for Autism…not the scary ugly propaganda perpetuated by the media but the REAL autism.  Yes there are challenges, and it gets a little hairy sometimes…but I truly believe my boys and the autistic community as a whole have been grossly misrepresented and that needs to CHANGE! If I only manage to change one person’s mind then I will consider my work complete.  But anyway I’ll post an actual post in a few and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites as well.  Happy reading!


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